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Pain Paddles

Pain Paddles


Polished and Plated
Paddles, Canes and Sticks
in Anodized Aluminum

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Solid Aluminum Metal Paddles, Canes and Sticks


A solitary Textured Silver-Veined Granite powder coated PainPaddles and two Textured Silver-Veined Granite powder coated PainSticks shown flanking two Prototype Marble Splash Anodized PainPaddles


Characteristics of Our Paddles, Sticks and Canes

  • They are made of metal; solid aircraft aluminum...
  • Light-weight, balanced and engineered for speed, precision and fun.
  • These are hardy, bold and unusual pieces of exquisite beauty.
  • Artistically polished to a brilliantly smooth and durable finish.
  • Are stunning accessories to a smashing outfit.
  • Capable of being worn or used with latex and rubber. (they have smooth round edges...)
  • Impenetrable to fluids and pathogens.
  • Non-porous and easily cleaned of fluids and flesh.
  • Made from Solid Aluminum.
  • Machined in the USA by Skilled Craftsmen.


We stopped powder-coating our paddles, sticks and canes in 2000 because of the following concerns:

Surface blemishes during the powder-coating process.
We experienced dust, lumps and pocket formation on the
surface of the coating during the baking procedure. We have
high standards and a single blemish is cause for rejection.
With some pigments we experienced up to a 70% rejection
rate. Most rejects had ten or more blemishes.
All rejects went back for rework. Many had to be stripped
and powder-coated as many as three times before being
accepted by our quality-control department.
We lost a portion of our machined stock in attempts
to perfectly high gloss powder-coat the product.

Customers unable to identify the merchandise as metal.
Most significantly, we experienced a problem with client
confusion of the product as metal when powder-coated.
Some customers thought our goods were plastic.
Some thought
the tools were made of wood.
Virtually every client recognizes the paddles and sticks as metal
when satin-grained and anodized, even when seen on a wall from
twenty feet away. Since the uniqueness of our product is
tied to the metal nature of the hardware, we need immediate
recognition of our product as metal and made the appropriate
decision to drop powder-coating.

We wanted our customers to have the best possible toys
and to be seen as having a discriminating taste for fine
accessories... We needed instant recognition of our product as metal.
We reassesed our commitment to high gloss powder-coating and
made the decision to switch to anodized coatings.

PainSticks are:

PainPaddles are:

28 Hole Diamond Back Metal PainPaddles are:

PainCanes are:



How will you use yours?



The Professionals were providers to S/M, Leather and Fetish retailers. We
supplied high quality precision metal toys, the best merchandise, premium
finishes, at very reasonable prices.

We came to the decision to create toys for the leather community after a year
of working as small business consultants helping sole proprieters move from
hobby to profit...  The team originally consisted of three individuals:  Tala
Brandeis, Hal Heller and Frank Strona.   I'm Tala Brandeis, the manufacturing
engineering and business consulting maven of the trio...

Over a short period of time, working with a range of cllents the three of us,
The Professionals, came to the conclusion that many if not most cottage
industry small businesses were driven more by the increased status of the
owner/s; as opposed to; a need for profit.  With that recognition we decided to
move into the realm of manufacturing and sales of products for our

Our products: Pain Paddles, Pain Sticks and Pain Canes were very well
received.  People loved them... they still do.  As of this writing there are
still a few of them left in stock at Mr S in San Francisco...

High quality, durability, weight and precision handling drove the concept,
design and production of our product. We recognized a need in the market and
so, manufactured playfully beautiful, sensitively nasty and easily cleaned
toys. These tools were/are for S/M play or can/could be used as the perfect
accessory for that knockout outfit. Our toys felt/feel right in the hand and
look smashing to the eye. Each tool is precision machined, inspected, polished,
and plated by highly skilled experts. The Professionals produced affordable
high quality products for people with expensive tastes.

Tala Brandeis and Hal Heller were  the management team of The Professionals. We
produced toys that were durable, nasty, beautiful and easily cleaned. Being
experienced players, we created a line of products touching more than one
sense. Instead of toys adapted to S/M play we built tools feeling right in your
hands, looking good to the eye and designed for S/M play. High quality,
durability, weight and precision handling drove production of our PainSticks,
PainPaddles and PainCanes

Each toy is precision machined, polished, and plated by highly skilled
professionals using the latest technology. We hand inspected each toy at every
stage of the process, requiring at least seven visual and manual inspections.
We pride ourselves on quality product for people with expensive tastes. The
toys are very affordable, but worth more and they last a lifetime. Let's face
it, wooden paddles break. At least that's what our customers tell us. (Two of
our customers have broken six wooden paddles a year for who knows how many
years.) Isn't it worth a very small investment for the luxury of a finely
crafted tool?

PainPaddles, PainSticks and PainCanes were designed by Tala Brandeis, a
professional engineer with over twenty years experience in design and
manufacturing and in S/M. Your toys, your tools, are precision machined from
select aircraft quality 6061-T6 aluminum on Computer-Numerically Controlled
machine tools in state-of-the art machine shops. Tala Brandeis and Hal Heller
inspected each and every toy/tool for compliance to specifications...  After
inspection for dimensions, cosmetics and straightness the toys were polished
and anodized . We cleaned and packaged each tool in plastic to protect it from
greasy hands and inquiring fingers.

The Professionals produced the 18" PainPaddles in Mirror Silver Anodized,
Mirror Black Anodized, and Satin Finish Blood Red Anodized.
We produced the 16" PainSticks in Satin Finish Blood Red, and Satin Finish
The 26" PainCanes were anodized silver, black or purple.

We had available a few special manufacture prototype PainPaddles, mirror
polished and splash anodized three colors. In marble, red or blue. All are very
beautiful and we parted with them for $200.00 each... a bargain...

The Professionals Adult Toy and Tool Company was a different breed of
manufacturer both part of and apart from the S/M-Leather community. Our
background is/was business and we have/had over thirty years experience in
manufacturing. We traveled to events and fairs to showcase product, sell
PainSticks, PainPaddles and PainCanes.

To insure the continued availability of our product we manufactured over 500
each of our products and maintained stock above 200 pieces so you'd get your
order immediately. We maintained a large inventory so you'd get the toys you
wanted when you wanted them.

The very unfortunate bit of the picture was the limited number of people who
are playing at a level who use an instrument like this...  The market quickly
became saturated.  There simply was too little demand...  That is to say we
overestimated the market...

We were in the business of producing sophisticated and exciting tools/toys for
people who crave something revolutionary. We enjoyed selling to you. Our
customers achieved a unique satisfaction in their dealings with us and awesome
if not stunning play with their PainSticks, PainPaddles and PainCanes.

Satisfaction was of course... guaranteed.

Our products were the perfect accessory for that rubber or PVC outfit you'd
been wanting to use in a scene. Our toys have smooth radiused edges that render
them safe for use with rubber.

We created custom engraved PainSticks and PainPaddles for promotions and
special events.  The Professionals manufactured any design desired in any
quantity needed. We had a design and engineering staff capable of moving your
idea or design to development and manufacture in days. We did prototype, short
run and production. I still do...  Call me for details...

I've still got more designs in the works, including PainSlappers and
PainPongPaddles. I never brought all my ideas to market...  I'm the one to
watch and contact for exciting new toys.

Tala Brandeis

415 902-4794

Quotes from folks who've got their PainPaddles.





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